Thierry BRIONNE Furniture Atelier is about craftsmanship, fine, heirloom, one-of-a-kind custom-designed furniture. Underlying all this is ​the love and reverence for the grain, the colours and the swirls, that manifest unnoticed underneath the protective layer of the bark. That magic of peeling the protective layers to reveal the inner beauty inspires and touches me every time. I hope you will be touched by the pieces I create for you. The atelier is based in Nelson, British Columbia in the beautiful Kootenay Mountains.

Featured Collection

“A number of years ago, our cherished, antique mantel clock was damaged when it was accidently knocked off a bookcase in our home. So, I searched the internet for a fine woodworker in our area who might be able to repair it. We found Thierry Brionne and showed him the damaged clock. He was confident he could repair it even though a portion of it had been crushed. Recently he and I had another look at that clock – neither of us could be sure where the repair had been done, it was that good.

Last week, Thierry delivered a custom-made, king-size bedframe that we asked him to build. Again, he did not disappoint – the result exceeded our expectations.

We’d asked for a rock-solid bed that would be simple in design, easy to assemble, and would stand the test of time in build quality and aesthetics. And that’s what he delivered.

Thierry was a pleasure to work with – he listened carefully and stayed true to our vision. His simple, timeless design, combined with his sense of artistry highlights the natural beauty of the hand-oiled, solid Alder. The result is an heirloom-quality bedframe. We love it. Trusting his expertise was the right choice and we highly recommend him.”

Doug and Lois from Nelson BC